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There is still so much we don’t talk about.

We bottle up the feeling that there may be something missing from our lives. We feel lost, but won’t ask for directions.

We feel uneasy talking about death.

Despite the fact we all have these feelings at some point in our lives, they can make us feel isolated – as if no one else understands.

That’s why I’m passionate about being a speaker and a trainer. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

My background includes a long career in healthcare. I worked as a theatre nurse, seeing life and death situations on a regular basis, and completed an MSc in Advanced Surgical Care.

Over the years, I developed an interest in how people could be helped holistically, going on to have 25 years’ experience in delivering complementary therapies and personal development training.

I’ve worked in Iran and Zimbabwe, and lived in Switzerland and Cyprus, before returning to settle in South Wales in 2015.

I talk to groups about my story, my background in nursing and complementary therapies, my travels, and what I’ve learned along the way, and train individuals and groups in practical techniques promoting self-discovery, relaxation, and creativity.

I’m also passionate about sharing my experience as a companion for those at the end of their lives and their loved ones.

I offer training in life skills and non-medical, holistic end-of-life companionship.

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Remember: Your life is waiting on the other side of fear.

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