Find your stepping stones to a clearer future


Change is a fast-flowing river.

We all need a sure footing on the stepping stones we use to cross it. All too often, though, we stand on the river bank – too afraid of slipping to start our journey.

Our fear leaves us stuck.​

What we need is a guide who helps us to discover more of who we are. I encourage those who work with me to give themselves permission to work on themselves – their lives and their dreams.

My work as a life guide involves:

​• Exploration, learning, and understanding.
• Self-enquiry and healing.
• Creative time – including journal writing, walks, day dreaming, and movement.

My programme involves one-to-one sessions, group online training, and live events.

I’ll show you the stepping stones you need and you’ll work on a programme which is tailored just for you.​

I’ll also give you practical tools to help you on your way.​

Are you sleepwalking through life?

I’ll help you wake up to a clear, new day. Let’s start the conversation about the guidance you need…

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Every good relationship starts with a conversation – please don’t be afraid to get in touch to find out more about what I do.

Remember: Your life is waiting on the other side of fear.

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