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Announcing new free, private Facebook group: Thriving After Menopause.

Announcing new free, private Facebook group: Thriving After Menopause.

Hello everybody and I am excited that it is March and spring is in the air.  I would like to introduce you to my new free, private Facebook group called Thriving After Menopause ( To join you will be asked a couple of questions and to agree to the rules of the group. This helps you to get clear about what you want and if the group is for you. 

This group is designed to support women after menopause, women who have been giving all of their lives and realise that their time is now. You may have forgotten how to be creative, fed up of being at the bottom of your list of having needs met. You maybe exhausted so come over and visit the oasis of my group.

Imagine we are sitting around the kitchen table and sharing our stories and healing. I want you to feel comfortable to contribute your stories and get the discussions going. It is your time and it is time for us to enter our hearts. Whether you believe in the astrology or not we are living in very interesting times and it is no mistake that you are born into these times. As you move into he third age of your life it can be the most creative time of your life, no it is not too late! I used to think I could not dream or imagine, but then realised that is not true. I have no problem imagining disasters or worrying about the outcome of events!! I want us to become familiar with joy, love, abundance, comfort. Seem like a pipe dream? Well you have spent your life training yourself to see your life in a certain way, so why not train it to be something else? It does not have to be difficult. Often it is about acknowledging the past and letting go. Much of our suffering is in our resistance and holding on. It is ok to let go!

March is all about spring cleaning! Your home, your body, mind and spirit! Remember your home is a reflection of your internal world. It may sound a tall order to deal with everything so start with something. It might be one cupboard, or your wardrobe or doing some journalling to clear your mind. In the group I will posting and doing live videos, these will include a spring chakra cleanse. 

I look forward to seeing you in the group!

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