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Dive Deep, acknowledge, feel, let go and bounce back up!

Dive Deep, acknowledge, feel, let go and bounce back up!

Today I am sharing an experience that I had this morning and how it illustrates an aspect of my teaching.

I woke up to a gray, cold and misty day, everything seemed ok. I got up, messaged back and for with a couple of people and set off to do the weekly shop. (I am not into home delivery groceries yet!). it was early and not many people about. I was looking forward to visiting our local café who have reopened for take-out breakfasts. I was going back to the car and took my phone out to order the breakfast, no reply. I walked around to find that it opens an hour later than I had thought. Hey ho! As I got to my car to drive home, I had a reply to an earlier message sending me a huge hug. For what ever reason it touched me and I wanted to cry.

Now here is the point of this story, it is ok to cry! To hear our body calling to us.  So, I did all the way home! Life is just not OK at the moment. I could dismiss my feelings and say this is 1st world problem and move on. That would miss answering the call of my body. My body which reflects my mind needed some care and attention. I answered the call, put the shopping in the house and then dove in deep and cried and hugged my big teddy bear. I have learnt that it does not matter what the cause is, but it is important to dive deep and keep diving until I reach the bottom and then bounce off the bottom and surface again, clear and refreshed. Time to make a cup of tea!

The key here is to acknowledge what ever it is that is causing the upset and then let go and feel the feelings. Without acknowledgement the emotion can simmer. When we hear the call of our body and dive in it does not take long. I think I was about 5 minutes when I got home and it was over. I had taken care of myself, listened and witnessed how I felt in the moment and then move on. In this moment I had had enough of the restrictions, lockdown, not seeing some of my family and it was not ok. My life is good too and it is important to know that you can hold these 2 apparently opposing feelings at one time.

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