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Affairs of the Heart!

Affairs of the Heart!

The subject of the heart conjures up many thoughts and phrases: affairs of the heart, broken heart, take to heart, speak from the heart, heart attack, heart surgery and so on. The heart is of course, a physical organ that we cannot live without and it is much, much more.  Heart disease is also the number one killer in the Western world so for all the modern-day treatments it would appear that our understanding of the heart and heart disease is not complete!

 Dr Dominique Surel, who specialises in the development of intuitive intelligence, found during her historical research, that 4 thousand years ago the Egyptians used to ‘weigh the heart of a dead person to see how much good and evil it contained’!  The heart was considered to be important, but the brain was discarded! In modern science the brain was given the greater significance. The theory was that it ‘involved in all cognitive and emotional functions.’ Emotions were considered the domain of mental activity only.

 In 1991 Rollin McCraty and Doc Childre founded The Institute of Heart Math ( .   The site has a wealth of information and many resources are available to download when you register for free with the site. Their research shows that there is more to the heart than romantic stories and function of a pump.  Take a look at this video:

Heart Math research has shown that the heart is also a sensory organ.  I think we all know that the heart responds to stress: ever felt your heart race with excitement or fear?  The Heart Math Institute posed many questions about the activity of the heart and researchers are learning that the heart is much more than it was ever thought to be.  It has been found that the heart and the brain are in constant communication, with the heart sending more messages to the brain than the brain to the heart!  This has been known since the 1800’s but it was mostly ignored.  The heart has an extensive nervous system of its own and could be described as the ‘heart brain’.  This research has led to a new medical field of study described as ‘neurocardiology’ .The research findings are objectively measured and repeatable so satisfying research criteria. It is official: ‘our emotions are reflected in the heart’s rhythmic patterns’ (Dr Doc Childre).

For those of you who love gadgets The Institute of Heart Math have now developed several especially useful tools for adults and children to assess stress levels through the heart rate and then to reduce stress using various exercises. There is even an I-phone App!! The technology is called emWave technology.

You may also be interested in the latest findings about the heart and blood written about in ‘Human Heart Cosmic Heart’ by Thomas Cowan MD. A very readable book, not an academic tome!! In this book which I am reading now and finding fascinating is his decades of searching for the meaning of a statement made by Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher  (who the Steiner schools are named after),  that “the heart is not a pump”. In nursing we were always taught that it was a pump and it is still taught today. This piqued my interest. The second aspect that is explored is that water has 4 states! We are taught in school that water has 3 states: liquid, steam and ice (solid).  If you are interested, then Gerald Pollock has written ‘The Fourth Phase of Water’.

We can learn to take responsibility of how we either react or respond to situations.  If this resonates with you and you would like to know more contact me for a free no obligation clarity call. I love hearing from you!

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