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What if my world is safe? What would my world be like?

What if my world is safe? What would my world be like?

After a lifetime of mostly being in survival/stress mode it can be difficult to know what you want. Survival mode is the feeling consciously or unconsciously of being under threat. For your body this means cortisol and adrenaline running through your body. As described by William Bloom in his book “Feeling Safe”. Cortisol creates physical tension and is like “battery acid” in the body expressing as tension and anxiety.

Being stressed and tense leads many people to learn to anticipate what others are going to do. Rather like prey would be constantly on the alert for an attacker, constantly checking that the ‘coast is clear’. For people this means spending so much time in other people’s worlds wondering what will happen next, trying to anticipate the next moves. Wary and ‘armoured’ as Brene Brown describes the heart, while becoming defensive. In this scenario, there is not much room for imagination to run free.

What if you had set up beliefs as a child and then made decisions about life based on those limited beliefs. Only limited because being small the little one has not yet developed the skill of rationalisation and understanding. Then basing your life and decisions on these beliefs. Your whole body chemistry is affected, living in state of stress (usually unconscious).  That is what many of us do. These unconscious patterns are then running our lives by the age of 35! The people I am talking about are living ordinary, everyday lives going about their business, but not feeling quite right. Not knowing why, they feel stressed all the time, life is difficult. All they want is to relax, get off the merry go around. Maybe, they do not feel they ‘qualify’ for a trip to the doctor, or counselling or support groups. They don’t feel THAT bad! Not from an ‘abusive background’. Had an education and a good job BUT…… life is stressful. There is a feeling of “when is it my turn?”

You want to feel you have choices, are free spirits, want to live and love and be loved. You want to stop procrastinating. Do not know what dreams are? Tried lots of things and all work a bit.

Once these patterns have been noticed it is time to take the next steps! Neuroscience is now showing us what happened in our brains and how we set down these patterns in our unconscious and the good news is that patterns can be changed! We shine the light of understanding so that our minds will let go and discover that our hearts and minds can work together.

When these patterns have been ‘seen’ in our minds eye new possibilities present themselves. We feel an expansion in ourselves and a relaxation of the tension, a release and space for inspiration and new thoughts. We can visualise new possibilities in our lives as we transform our inner world and see it expressed in our outer world! Our bodies then get a chance to run on the chemicals that allow for calmness, flexibility and ease and wellbeing.

You need not be at the mercy of your body, but now have choice and choice is freedom! Space to think, dream, imagine, breathe. The process I use to access this is called Spontaneous Transformation Technique where You Come To Your Senses! Here is a short video about Spontaneous Transformation Technique

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