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Men and Women and Communication!

Men and Women and Communication!

There is so much written about communication that you would think that it would be simple! Maybe there is so much written because we still have not got the message!

John Gray wrote his book ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ ( on the website you can access his daily video shows.

 Allan and Barbara Pease  wrote ‘Why Men Don’t Listen and Woman Can’t Read Maps’ after (  travelling the world and listening and talking to people from many cultures and explored the research and come up with a very readable book.

Puzzles Allan and Barbara’s book deals with are:

  • Why men really can’t do more than one thing at a time
  • Why women make such a mess of reverse parallel parking
  • Why men should never lie to women
  • Why women talk so much and men so little
  • Why men love erotic images and women aren’t impressed
  • Why women prefer to simply talk it through
  • Why men offer solutions but hate advice
  • Why women despair about mens’ silences
  • Why men want sex and women need love

Since the 1990’s the use of medical scanning has greatly helped our understanding of the brain and specifically the differences in the working of male and female brains in the area of communication. The average man and woman is described, it is accepted that some women at times think in a more masculine way and men at times think in a more feminine way.

It is all in our biology! Until recently it was thought that when a baby was born it was like a clean slate ready to learn about life. As I am sure you know it is not like that: It is about our hormones and the wiring of our brains, yes that is right, the masculine and feminine are expressed differently. They always have been and all the political correctness and equality laws will not make them the same. In fact trying to make masculine and feminine the same creates stress.

A very long time ago men’s brains were designed to enable hunting and protecting the family group, while women needed to gather food at ground level and take care of the family group.  So for men hunting skills of focus, knowing left and right and navigational skills were vital for survival. For women seeing in a wide vision and watching the children and gathering food close by did not need left and right, but ‘eyes in the back of the head’!  Men are generally good at reading maps and women can hold a conversation and still see what is going on the other side of the room! Ask a man to find the butter in the ‘fridge and he may not find it. A woman will go straight to it!

Quote: ’When a man goes to the toilet, he usually goes for one reason and one reason only. Women use toilets as social lounges and therapy rooms. Women who go to the toilet as strangers come out best friends and life long buddies. But everyone would be instantly suspicious of the man who called out: ’Hey Frank, I’m going to the toilet. You wanna come with me?’

To help illustrate the difference between the male and female brain when it comes to communication watch Mark Gungor explain in the You Tube Tale of Two Brains:

Thank goodness men and women are different! It is time to accept these differences and focus on the positive things in our communication. Moving forward together side by side, instead of one in front of the other in this new era, welcoming the shift of consciousness.

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