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Happy New Year! Vision Board for 2017

Happy New Year! Vision Board for 2017

The New Year is the time for resolutions; let’s look at the New Year in a different way. Let us see if you can fire your imagination and make a vision board. So what is it? It is not an intellectual exercise. A vision board looks like a collage or scrap book page covered with pictures!

It is easy to think of the obvious possibilities of great home, nice car, best job, wonderful relationship and find pictures to reflect that, but by using our imagination we go much deeper and connect with the creative mind and surprising subjects, words and pictures can appear when you make a vision board.

New Year’s resolutions focus on things we want and generally inspired by the intellectual mind. The idea is to open up the imagination and then let go of all possible outcomes, in other words forget the whole thing. It is surprising to see that much later, even years, when the board is re-discovered that many things have happened as shown on the board!

All you need is a large sheet of paper or card and a pile of magazines, scissors and glue.

  • Allow yourself at least one hour, put on your favourite music or quiet if you prefer
  • To relax the mind sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths. Ask your body to relax starting at your head, breathe, relax and move down the body, relax neck, back, arms to hands, chest, hips, legs, knees and feet. This helps to settle your intellectual mind and allow your imagination to open up
  • Have a drink of water
  • Go through the magazines and cut out pictures. Do not pre-judge the pictures you are going to cut out. Just scan through the magazines picking out pictures, captions, words, anything that catches your eye without you analysing it
  • Now take your pile of pictures and have some fun arranging and sticking them on the paper/card. You may find that you have lots left over and want to make another vision board, that is fine, go ahead
  • Look at the finished vision board and contemplate it for a while, then let go and put it away and get on with your life!

I will be at Urban Zen Yoga Cafe on Wednesday, 11th January, 2017 at 10.30 to 11.30 for a vision board 2017 workshop £7 per person. Please contact me via the website or Facebook  or directly with the venue via

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