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My TEDxTallaght 2016 Experience

My TEDxTallaght 2016 Experience

October 2016 was quite a month for me. In fact, I would say that it was a dream come true.

To share a platform with great speakers under the banner “Gathering Momentum.” The event was nerve wracking and exciting at the same time.

We gathered for rehearsal on the afternoon of the event. I have spoken at many events, but this was different. This was speaking from my heart and soul about something that has affected the way I view the human body. In 8 minutes, it brought together experiences of the last 16 years or so. Since training as a reflexologist whilst nursing I realised that the body is much more than the sum of its parts.

Then in 1999 experiencing my first fire walk while attending a Life Mastery University with Tony Robbins I asked questions about our amazing bodies. How come I did not get burnt, what was happening in my body?

Around 2002 I attended a weekend with Serge Kahili King, the Hawaiian Kahuna I learnt more about the body’s ability to heal itself. Subsequently through my own and others experiences and questioning the body’s ability to heal, has shown me over and over that the body can heal. That the natural tendency of the body is to heal or regain homeostasis, another word for balance.

Now, in 2016 science is giving us the 'how' of healing. Science is demystifying the mysterious. One of the leaders in this field is Joe Dispenza bringing together his life and work experience and sharing his findings in his latest work.

My TEDxTallaght talk spurs me on to share more of my work and support my clients to finding clarity, purpose, healing and transformation when they are ready. Contact me on the contact page. I offer a free 15 minute, no obligation, skype/internet/phone call to see if what I offer fits with what you are looking for.

Watch my talk here:

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