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What is the ‘Field’?

What is the ‘Field’?

When you wake up in the morning what are your first thoughts?

Do they colour the rest of your day? Remember the saying ‘did you get out of bed on the wrong side?’ It would seem to suggest that the mood we wake up in affects our day. See what happens when you set an intention of how you would like your day to be.

In 2001 the book ‘The Field’ was first  published. This is described as ‘a seminal work’ of the New Age and one which provides a scientific explanation for psychic phenomena such as ESP (extra-sensory perception), Spiritual Healing and Remote Viewing.’ A ‘field’ is a matrix or medium which connects 2 or more points in space, usually via a force, like gravity or electromagnetism.

Exploration of this Field led Lynne McTaggart to explore how intention is part of the energy field and how our thoughts can change the world. She describes the book as a book without end as people participate in the Intention Experiment ( ). The largest mind over matter experiment in history!

Lynne McTaggart is a world renowned bestselling author, researcher and lecturer described as ‘a bridge between science and spirituality’ ( ). It is a very accessible book and Lynne has great skill in explaining complex ideas in a clear format. This book shows a very different science than the one of Newton. This is the science of the Zero Point Field and it is ‘work in progress’  by laser scientist Hal Puthoff as the search for further answers continues. The Zero Point Field is related to quantum physics.

What is so fascinating to me is that physicists have known about the Zero Point since 1926 when it was described as the ‘vacuum’, created by energy exchange of particles and disregarded! Quantum mechanics says that there is no such thing as a vacuum.  Called ‘Zero’ because:  fluctuations in the field are still detectable in temperatures of Absolute Zero.’  Zero point’ energy was the energy present in the emptiest state of space at the lowest possible energy out of which no more energy could be removed and nothing is supposed to be left to make any motion.  It had been largely discounted because it was ever present.’ 

To the scientists in the 1920’s even though there was energy present in this ‘vacuum’ it did not appear to change anything therefore it did not count and that was how the theory went! Even Aristotle believed that space was not empty but a ‘plenum’- a background substructure filled with things.’ In the mid-19th century Faraday, the inventor and electrical researcher, believed that the source of energy was not as important as the space around it.

Lynne McTaggart featured in the film The Living Matrix (

She is best known in the United Kingdom for the magazine ‘What the doctors Don’t Tell You’. ( This magazine is an “Information database and monthly magazine informing patients of side effects of drugs, and possible alternative remedies.”

The magazine is available by subscription or in UK shops.  There are now more than 20 years of research and information available and it is possible to subscribe to become a member of the online community. There is a wealth of information all on one site which can help with decision making for treatment of many conditions, in conjunction with your medical practitioner.

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